Sirotin S.V. Arched Objects (Noseband) as Part of a Horse Harness of the Early Nomads of the Southern Urals

Sergey V. Sirotin, Candidate of Sciences (History), Researcher, Institute of Archeology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Dm. Ulyanov St., 19, 117036 Moscow, Russian Federation
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Abstract. The presented article analyzes a series of objects, which are parts of the horse harness of the early nomads in the Southern Urals of the 4th century BC. These are arched objects (nosebands) designed to increase the efficiency of horse control. The article provides a brief overview of the history of these items being discovered in the steppe complexes. In particular, attention is focused on the archaeological context of these objects as part of horse harness. The article contains all currently known finds of these objects found in the Southern Urals. Separately, the article discusses the issues of the burials chronology, where these horse harness accessories are found. The appearance of such an element in horse harness was caused by over all increasing level of military activity in nomadic communities. An analysis of the burials where arcuate objects (nosebands) were found shows that the period of their appearance and distribution in the Southern Urals dates to the second half of the 4th century BC. Attention is drawn to the fact that most of these objects are found in rich, status burials or as part of rich sacrificial complexes. The article considers all currently known finds of these items. Analogies from the territory of Scythia are given and the chronological order of these objects in the complexes of the Southern Urals is considered. The article concludes that these objects (as well as a number of others that have direct analogies in the bridle sets of Scythia) became parts of the South Ural nomads’ horse harness under the direct influence of Scythian territories.
Key words: Southern Urals, early nomads, horse harness, arched objects (noseband), chronology, status burials.
Citation. Sirotin S.V., 2020. Arched Objects (Noseband) as Part of a Horse Harness of the Early Nomads of the Southern Urals. The Lower Volga Archaeological Bulletin, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 102-115. (in Russian).DOI:
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