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Title (in language of publication) : Нижневолжский археологический вестник
Transliterated title:  NizhnevolzhskiArkheologicheskiVestnik
Frequency:  4 issues a year  (no. 1 -  April, 20th; no. 2 - June, 5th; no. 3 - September, 20th; no. 4 - December, 10th)
Language(s): Russian, English
Peer Review type:  Double-Blind
Founder and Publisher: Volgograd State University
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Journal is registered by Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Registration Certificate ПИ № ФС 77 – 68211 of December 27, 2016)
The Lower Volga Archaeological Bulletin (Nizhnevolzhskiy Arkheologicheskiy Vestnik) has been published since December 2016. The Journal used to be issued as annual publication on the archaeology of the Eastern European steppes, first issued in 1998. Volumes 7–12 were published under the auspices of Volgograd State University and the Archaeology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The Bulletin is aimed for the publication of results of fundamental and applied scientific research conducted by Russian and foreign researchers, professors and academics. The published materials are presented in the form of research articles, reviews, reports, bibliographical overviews on certain research topics, historical notes; and cover issues related to archaeology, history, development, problems and prospects of the archaeological science in Russian and overseas regions.
Our journal traditionally includes the following sections: Articles, Publications, Notes, Criticism and Discussion, Academic Life, Information on Field Studies, Personalities, and Reports.
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