Aims & Scope

The Journal’s mission is to create an international platform for scholarly communication and exchange of the latest achievements in the field of archaeology.


The aim of the journal is to cover and discuss current research issues in archaeology as well as methods from the physical and biological sciences applied to archaeology of  the Eurasian steppes and adjacent territories.


The objectives of the journal are to:

·  publish research papers, materials, reviews and critical notes;

· create a platform for discussing topical issues related to the archaeology of the Eurasian steppes and adjacent territories;

· forge new links with other scholars and maintain existing ties;

· provide information about the upcoming events and reviews of the past events;

· collaborate with specialists in natural sciences who conduct research in the field of archaeology;

· maintain high academic standards;

· comply with Open Access policy;

· register the journal in international databases and in open access repositories;

· increase accessibility of the journal for foreign readers by publishing articles in English, providing Russian articles with English abstracts, keywords and references.