Goroshnikov A.A. Studies of the Burial Mound Panagia 2 on the Taman Peninsula

Andrey A. Goroshnikov, Senior Researcher, Kubanarkheologiya Ltd., Kubanskaya Emb., 37/11, 350063 Krasnodar, Russian Federation
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Abstract. Two barrows of the burial mound Panagia 2 were investigated in the neighborhood of Volna village on the Taman peninsula in the Krasnodar region. The barrows were erected in the Middle Bronze Age, with the secondary graves of the Late Bronze Age and the Middle Ages. Two graves belong to the early times of so-called ‘catacomb culture’, four – to the Late Bronze Age and one – to the Middle Ages. Barrow two was overlapped with a layer dating back to the Late Bronze Age settlement of Panagia 1, located near the burial mound. The pots of very simple shape with straight walls extending to the mouth were found in the burials. In the settlement’ layers pottery of the late Bronze Age were collected. There are vessels with convex rollers and loop-handles. The studied monument – Panagia 2 burial mound – gave a number of complexes, both funeral, and settlement, supplementing and expanding our ideas of material culture of the population of the Taman Peninsula during different eras, mainly, during the Bronze Age, which monuments on Taman were poorly studied until recently. The present publication is aimed at introduction of new sources for studying the ancient history of Northwest Pontic Region to modern archaeology.
Key words: Taman Peninsula, barrow, Middle Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age, catacomb Culture, burial, settlement.
Citation. Goroshnikov A.A., 2018. Studies of the Burial Mound Panagia 2 on the Taman Peninsula. Тhe Lower Volga Archaeological Bulletin, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 135-152. (in Russian). DOI: https://doi.org/10.15688/nav.jvolsu.2018.2.11
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